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How to Get Longer Eyelashes Naturally

How to Get Longer Eyelashes NaturallyHaving a beautiful face is the dream of any girl, teenager or person that is interested in the way he or she looks. The eyes are the most important element of a person’s head, not only in terms of health and protection, but also when it comes to beauty. The long eyelashes seem to have always represented an essential objective of those aiming for an attractive physical appearance, mainly because these tiny hairs represent a fundamental component of the face that decorates the eyes.

I am going to reveal, in this short post, the natural and the artificial ways by which one can enjoy longer variants of these hairs. Since the unnatural methods are the fastest ones, let me tell you a few words about them, first of all. The false lashes and the mascara are the most famous methods of lengthening these hairs on the eyelids. You can see everywhere around you women that use one of these two popular strategies, from your classmates, co-workers and relatives, to the persons you see in a supermarket or at TV.

The eyelash extensions represent another solution to the aforementioned problem, which is, however, not known so well. It consists in attaching a silk or synthetic thread to each of the natural threads of hair that grow on the eyelids. These extensions use a special glue and have various sizes, shapes, colors and widths. They can resist on your hairs from a day or two to even a month, depending on their type, as well as on your behavior and especially the “age” of the natural hairs on which they are applied.

How to Get Longer Eyelashes Naturally

In my opinion, you should try the natural methods of lengthening these hairs, even if they are not as fast as the artificial ones, but they have three essential advantages over them:

  1. the long term effect of the natural techniques of having long lashes is very beneficial, in the sense that it enables you to have your own, natural, hairs on your eyelids, that have the characteristic that you really want: an increased length;
  2. these natural strategies don’t have any negative side-effects; in other words, these methods are 100% safe, if they are used correctly, of course;
  3. they are much healthier than the unnatural ones.

The first natural method refers to getting rid of all the habits that you might have and which stop you from having long eyelashes. One such habit can be the one consisting in pulling out these hairs or the one in which a person rubs in the region around the eyes, especially the eyelids. So, when wondering how to get longer eyelashes fast, one must take into consideration these habits. The second natural technique of lengthening them is to cure all the health problems that impede the development of these hairs, such as: inflammations of the eyelids, like blepharitis, dermatological problems of the eyes, etc. The third natural strategy consists in a proper diet, which should be rich in the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the lashes development, like: magnesium, vitamins A, B, C, E, H, calcium, etc.