Does the Chinese Gender Predictor Work?

A couple of days ago, my sister asked me to search on the Internet for some natural ways of controlling the gender of a future baby. To be more precise, she wanted to know if there are any ways in which she could make sure that the child she plans to conceive in the next months will be a girl.

She asked me to do this online research because her Internet connection is not so good this week. So, I’ve come across the famous legendary strategy from ancient China and I wondered, as many others: “Does the Chinese Gender Calendar really work?”.

In case you don’t know the main idea of this old method, let me reveal it to you, first of all. Well, the idea is very simple: the gender of any person is determined by these two elements: the birth date of the mother of that person and the date when that person was or will be conceived. A table – which is really simple and precise – makes the associations between the three elements that I’ve already mentioned: gender, birth date and conception date.

Chinese Gender Predictor 2017

Chinese Gender Predictor 2017

Chinese Gender Predictor 2017 – image source

Now, how could I figure out if this astrological technique really works? When one thinks about the reliability of any method, the very first aspect that comes to his or her mind is the one that refers to its success rate. Don’t you know what that is? Well, it represents a percentage that shows how many times this technique succeeds out of one hundred attempts. Okay, so the question is: how many times does the Chinese gender predictor work out of one hundred tests? Somewhere between seventy and ninety times, according to most websites that describe this legendary strategy.

Let’s now consider the case of two twins who have different genders. To put it more accurately, let’s think to two brothers – a boy and a girl, who were or will be born in the same day. It’s obvious that the woman got pregnant with both of them in the same day, isn’t it? Moreover, the date when the mother of each of the twins – who is the same person, as I’ve already mentioned – is the same, right? On top of all that, the table which tells the gender of each of these two human beings is the same: it’s the Chinese gender chart. Then, why one of the twins is a girl and the other is a boy? Maybe this ancient method of sex selection has an explanation for that, but I don’t know it.

Anyway, this method has some exceptions, which are, however, included in the ten to thirty percent interval, which represents, in fact, the difference between the pretended success rate of this technique and the perfect accuracy: one hundred percent. It is also possible that there are men and women who were conceived in the same lunar month and that their mothers had the same lunar ages when they were conceived.

But, in order to know if a person’s gender is the one indicated by the legendary table, we must know precisely when that person was conceived, which is not such a simple thing, since many babies are born prematurely. This means that, if we know the birthdate of a person, we can’t be sure that the considered person was conceived nine months before. And this is an essential aspect: not knowing the conception moment, the Chinese pregnancy calendar can’t tell us the gender.

Of course, you can test the accuracy of this astrological method by simply checking the genders of some persons you know – they may be friends or members of your family. So, you need to know not only when they were born and when their mothers were born, but also if they were born at term or not, for being able to identify the day when they are more likely to have been conceived. And, very important: you also need a reliable chart for this legendary strategy of controlling and identifying a person’s gender. Be aware that many such tables that you can find on the Internet are incorrect!